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Quality hand made pens for the lovers of fine writing instruments individually hand crafted at a great prices.

Made from from native Australian wood as well as a large selection of woods from all around the world. Beautifully hand crafted and then French polished, making an exquisite corporate or individual gift, no two pens created are alike, each pen is unique.

We offer the most popular types of pen available, if you have something else in mind please contact me and I will explore availability. There are many type of pens, pencils or fountain pens, all made to order.

Pen display sets are very popular and can be made for individual pens as well as 'pen and pencil' sets and 'rollerball and fountain pen' sets.

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Hand turned pen

Our Latest Creation.

Our latest creation is a Japanese style fountain pen made from Australian Morrel Burl, with a copper banding for the cap. Included with this commission was a hand made presentation box made from eucalyptus burl.

Japanese style fountain pen.
Hand turned pen
Hand turned pen

Types of Pens

Please click on the thumbs below to view the styles of pens that are available.

Cigar Pens

European Pens

Roller-Ball Pens

Fountain Pens

Clutch Pencils

There are many more examples in the Gallery.

How to Order.

It is very easy to order.

Either I will send you my price list as a Word doc file or e-mail your choice of pen and wood to me and I will send you a quote.
With the quote I will send you an image of my supply of that type of wood that you have chosen so you can choose the one for you.

I will need to know the following:

  • Type of pen - Remember if you have seen a style of pen you would like else where send me the link.
  • Color of pen - Most pens come in Silver, Gold, Gun Metal. If the pen has more options I will offer it to you.
  • Type of wood - If there is a wood you like not shown here I will try and source it for you.
  • Display boxes - All pens come with a free velvet cover. Use the images in the gallery as a guide to what you would like.
  • Name Plate - A lazer cut Name plate can be cut for the Display box or the design can be cut onto the box directly.
  • Your Address - So I can give and accurate postal amount.

Name: Michael Bass

Address: 41 Gilda Drive, Narara, NSW 2250 Australia - Tel: +61(0)2 4328 3035

e-mail: admin@ce-pens.com.au